Monday, December 20, 2010

An InterFaith Prayer

Normally Monday is the day for my "What's Happening at the Shop" post. However, in the past week someone very near and dear to me ended up in the hospital and is in serious condition in an intensive care unit. Consequently, not much has been happening at the shop—although a lot has been happening at the hospital.

I found the following interfaith blessing online, and I thought it might serve today's blog post better than anything else. It was written by Abby Willowroot, and I am including a link to her site here: please click. This is her beautiful blessing:

Healing Blessing

Bless this day with healing, bless it with
radiant sun energy, fill each cell of the body,
bringing a flood of healthy energy to all the body,
banishing illness & disease, as healing grows.

May the abundant powers of health flourish within,
each day, may they expand & grow stronger,
bringing the gifts of vitality, strength & wellbeing,
Blessings flow now with ample energy & happiness.

                                                                                       ~ Abby Willowroot © 2009

Please note that this is copyrighted material and that the author kindly permits sharing for noncommercial purposes and also requests a link to her site. A link to information on ordering her book Life Changes: InterFaith Prayers & Blessings is here: click.

Many thanks to Abby for sharing this.

Perhaps for a moment somewhere between the last-minute shopping rush and Christmas preparations, we might all consider those who are less fortunate and able than us this holiday season, and send a little hopeful energy their way through a prayer, or the above blessing, or simply a positive thought.

Best wishes for a happy holiday season from Gonzo and me.

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