Thursday, September 22, 2011

From the Photo Album: Flight 93 Memorial, 2008

Like so many people, I feel a special sense of gratitude toward those passengers and crew on United Flight 93 who somehow mustered the clarity and courage to rally against their attackers on 9/11. Theirs was a defiance both outrageous and admirable, and their leap past shock and denial to a point of unification, strategy, and action was nothing short of astonishing.

High Cross with Various Offerings
These were ordinary people suddenly caught in a horribly extraordinary event; yet, despite their fear, they refused by vote to go down without a fight. In asserting the tiny measure of freedom left to them and enlarging upon it, they not only defended freedom on a larger scale but affirmed life to the hilt.

I'm usually quite cynical when it comes to "heroes," but not in this case. I deeply honor the memory of these people, their courage, and their strength of will and spirit. Long may they roll as vital to this nation's history, respected not only by today's generations but by those to come.

Today the Flight 93 National Memorial is well underway, with Phase 1 of its construction completed. In June of 2008, when I visited the site, the facilities were temporary and much simpler. Nonetheless, I have rarely been so moved by a place.

The Temporary Memorial in June, 2008
It was deeply thought-provoking in many ways, from the sight of a distant American flag marking the crash area to tidy rows of little wooden angels that commemorated the passengers and crew. The photographs I've included here were taken that day, and I share them with the hope that anyone who has not yet visited this important memorial will put it on their list of essential travel destinations. It is definitely on my list of places to revisit in the future.

A Panoramic View Including Sitting Area & Memorial Fence

A Local Volunteer Provides Information on Flight 93 & the Site

Some of the Angels Commemorating the Passengers & Crew - Very Moving

Memorial Fence with Offerings Left by Visitors

St. Frances & Rosaries
Flags with the Cross & Field Beyond

"Teach Peace" - Digital Composition with Cross Base & Offerings

I hope these images from the photo album leave you with a sincere prayer for peace in the world and for all of those people whose lives were tragically lost on 9/11. 

Very best wishes from PrettyGonzo