Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Sweet Wee Cat

This is a recent photo of sweet Gonzo in the backyard carrot patch, pretending he's in the wilds of an exotic jungle. It's hard to believe, but if the vet's estimate is correct, "Le Gonze" has just turned 5 years old. Time does fly! Every single day I am thankful for this wonderful little life coming into our lives. He was a year and a half old when he joined the family, and the thankfulness seems mutual! :)

Best wishes from PrettyGonzo!


CraftsofthePast said...

There's Gonzo. I have 4 orange striped tabbies. They are loves. I have two black and white cats, 1 all black cat, and one gray-blue. All rescue of course. They haunt my barn until I tame them enough to get them to the vet ;)

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