Thursday, December 2, 2010

From the Photo Album: Tober Nault — An Irish Holy Well

 Thursday is photo day at Greetings from PrettyGonzo. Hope you enjoy!

The photos here were taken at Tober Nault, a holy well in County Sligo, Ireland. I've been to Ireland three times, and have explored many of the rich antiquities of the Irish landscape. Stone circles, ancient dolmens (and court tombs), Celtic high crosses, and passage graves such as Newgrange all rate high on anyone's list of those antiquities. But few people seem to realize that Ireland has many holy wells, and most of these are centuries' old. Holy wells have pre-Christian origins, and, clearly, in Ireland the Christian worship at wells has pagan Celtic roots.

I've visited over fifty holy wells in Ireland, some in disrepair but the majority still in use (at least judging by the offerings at them). Each well had something unique about it, and I was able to observe their use by people on several occasions. Tober Nault is one of the best known wells, has a history that can be dated back to ancient times, and must be one of the most peaceful places on Earth.

 I hope you have enjoyed these photos! Happy Holidays from PrettyGonzo! 


SummerfieldSoaps said...

Beautiful photos! May I send you my soap to photograph? LOL. I seem to be getting worse instead of better.


PrettyGonzo said...

Thanks! Myself, I think your items look really nice. Also, I must add that I do a whole lot better photographing scenery than small items ... as my shop photos testify. lol.

Maybe I should go back to Ireland and sprinkle some holy-well water on my camera. :)